Welcome to our new Reservation Suite.

At Taxi285.nl, we are always looking at ways to improve our service to our customers, and we have devised a new and unique advanced booking system which allows us to further widen the service that we currently offer.

This new system will allow more freedom and flexibility, excellence in technology and a highly developed, secure and reliable booking system and, in short allows our clients to:

         •       Operate their own bookings with the minimum amount of effort and time

         •       Make direct reservations, online

         •       Make real-time amendments or entries

         •       Keeps a track of the client location from one designated meeting
                 point to another

         •       At no extra cost to the client as no special software is needed

The booking system operates directly from the clients (or PA’s) designated e-mail address which, by a series of security measures is linked to our system at Taxi285.
From here, the client can book the taxi, enter airline details,  hotel details and times and enter various appointments and venues to be visited during the stay.

This is where we provide the ‘missing link’ … As our drivers transport the client from one designated point to another, we are able to input the arrival times or ETA’s into the system so that the PA will have access at all time to the clients location.  We are able to alter the pick up and drop off times accordingly in the case of any delays..  This information is always duplicated to the client’s office in case they need to adjust further appointments during the day. The whole process is carefully monitored by us throughout the day and any amendments made by the client’s office are automatically confirmed back by e-mail.

We have had only very enthusiastic responses from our clients who currently use this system.  It indeed gives peace of mind to our customers, as the need for more security grows, it ensures that our clients remain traceable and their whereabouts can be accounted for - as much as is possible.

Apply here to find out how you can enjoy the facilities of our new Reservation Suite.